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Setting up the Tag Manager to Help You Listen to Visitors and Events on Your Web Property

We talk about triggers, events, variables, tags, Google Analytics - but mostly about Google Tag Manager and why/how we use our tag manager. This talk is a little technical and you should have some baseline knowledge about tag manager to give true value out of this audio. Have other questions? Want to track every action on your website? Here is where you start!

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Search Engine Optimization Planning Before The Website Is Built

The episode is about SEO planning before the website is built. There are things that must be considered before the project is undertaken. The planning includes understanding the client through on-boarding documentation, and a competitive intelligence report.

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William speaks to the ORU Digital Marketing Class About How To Blog To Win

William speaks at Oral Roberts University in the Digital Marketing Class about blogging. Learn from Digital Marketers and content writers what the tips and tricks are to create winning content for Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Learn more about our digital marketing partnerships.


How To Blog For Small Business

Blogging for small businesses. We teach the ORU digital marketing class what goes into a successful blog for a small business. Addressing the components of a successful business blog. Tulsa Digital Marketing Agency.


SEO Changes in 2019 for Digital Marketers

William Nozak of Nozak Consulting & Ryan Redding from DP Marketing talk about the changing trends of 2019 in regard to search and optimization.


William Guest Lectures the ORU Digital Marketing Class

I talk to the class about my journey as a musician, franchisee, educator, and then owner of Harper's Hut & Nozak Consulting. We talk about the changed landscape of Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing Lab Interviews Jim Moss of 320 Coaching

Jim Moss Co-founder of City Church, and founder of 320 Coach & 320 Media. - Leading self & leading others. He explains importance of a routine, discipline, calendaring, commitments, Personal growth, and crucial conversations. Learning straight from an executive coach. 


Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding About 2018 Search Engine Ranking Factors

We talk about the Google My Business Signals and how they are changing the local ranking landscape. We talk about ranking factors and how to optimize your GMB page. Search Engine Journal's post about all the things you should do to improve your map positioning and features.

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Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding from DP Marketing about Marketing - Customer Profile

We are talking with Ryan Redding of DP Marketing about the customer profile. Three lenses or three filters to view customers through. Demographic profile, psycho-graphic, & needs-benefit. Always thinking about the client and the client's client. Product fit. What pain point or value proposition does your company have?


Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding from DP Marketing about Conversion Funnels

We talk about conversion funnels with Ryan Redding of DP Marketing. Awareness, interest, preference, & conversion. We talk billboards, conversion funnels, optimizing ratios, personal referral, websites, social media, direct mail, and other conversion points.