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Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding About 2018 Search Engine Ranking Factors

We talk about the Google My Business Signals and how they are changing the local ranking landscape. We talk about ranking factors and how to optimize your GMB page. Search Engine Journal's post about all the things you should do to improve your map positioning and features.

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Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding from DP Marketing about Marketing - Customer Profile

We are talking with Ryan Redding of DP Marketing about the customer profile. Three lenses or three filters to view customers through. Demographic profile, psycho-graphic, & needs-benefit. Always thinking about the client and the client's client. Product fit. What pain point or value proposition does your company have?


Nozak Consulting interviews Ryan Redding from DP Marketing about Conversion Funnels

We talk about conversion funnels with Ryan Redding of DP Marketing. Awareness, interest, preference, & conversion. We talk billboards, conversion funnels, optimizing ratios, personal referral, websites, social media, direct mail, and other conversion points.


Compare Wix and Wordpress CMSs - Head-to-Head Comparison

We have a complete guide over the differences between Wix & WordPress. Here is the head-to-head guide for someone trying to figure out which CMS is right for you or your team. WordPress vs. Wix.


Talking About Domain Rating (DR) and (UR) AHREFS Metrics | Domain Rating SEO

DR is an AHREFS metric that helps us understand how competitive our URLs are. Talking about off page seo techniques, on page signals, UX improvement, content creation, and technical SEO.


Dave & william talk dental SEO Part 2 - off page SEO

Without off page SEO there is no authority - no matter how great your content is it is very hard to rank in Google SERPs without authority. Link building around high quality content from your blog. Using AHREFS, Screaming Frog and other tools for off page techniques. Do you have a tool you use that you would love to talk about on our podcast?

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Nozak Consulting talks about best in class Dental SEO

This information is specific to dentist & dental clients. A lot of these techniques can be used across many industries. SEO & Web Development SEO. Site strength takes time, content creation takes time, and presenting the perfect value add to potential dental clients. Tips for freelancers.

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Nozak Consulting interviews Robert Sutton about IT Debt

William Nozak interviews Robert Sutton COO of Technology Solutions about IT philosophies. IT debt, what it is and how it is negatively effecting SMBs & enterprises. What happens when you ignore your IT, security & servers.



E25 Nozak Consulting talks with Technology Solutions about all things IT

Storage and how it is a bottleneck for SMBs & enterprise efficiency. Nozak Consulting talks with Technology Solutions about all things IT. Nible, HP3 Par, modern systems, system architecture. 


E24 Nozak Consulting Interviews the creative juice behind Lionsrock

Troy Robinson talks to us about his creative process. Top three things he considers when creating a brand: Intonation, Timbre, Listening. Local versus national brand building. He tells us the gist of his client process. SEO/Web Devopment